Before the Spiral Jetty (2014)

Before the Spiral Jetty (detail), 2014 Installation View, Fragments of an Unknowable Whole, May 17 – July 5, 2014, Urban Arts Space, Columbus OH. Before the Spiral Jetty, 2014 Archival Inkjet Print in Artist Frame, 41″x61″

Frozen Layer Cakes (2013)

  Frozen Layer Cakes: This project is the exact opposite of “super telephotography.” This telephotography uses super-­strength telescopes normally used to shoot distant planets to photograph things on earth, sometimes 65 miles away from the camera. Frozen Layer Cakes use the chemical photo process frozen. The image is initiated by placing a frozen bowl of […]

Shiny Nothings (2013)

Unique Silver Gelatin Paper Negatives, 8×10 inches (unframed) Shiny Nothings: These paper negatives of cellophane highlight and play with photography’s basic evidentiary potential. They look like the photographic specimens and curiosities of old yet they also look like security x-­ray images. Upon close inspection they can also appear as drawings. The abstract objects appear to be […]

SureShot with CoolScan (2013)

I have purchased more than 100 point-and-shoot 35mm cameras with film remaining in them from various thrift stores. After purchasing one of these cameras I rewind the film. I use this found film to photograph objects lining the pegboard walls and shelves in the thrift store. I never know quite what to expect: when the […]

Dusted (In the Dark: Rooms to Let 2013)

Site-specific Installation, 2013      

Choose the Moonlight (2012)

Video projection, dimensions variable, (0:36), 2012

Anvil Ocean (2012)

Video installation with sound, dimensions variable, 2012